PhD day 4 - year 2013

PhD-Day4 - Call for abstracts

If you want to register for the PhD-Day 4 (year 2013), you are in the right place!
Read carefully the rules below, then access the submission form (link at bottom of page).

Write and submit one abstract for each contribute you are going to present. You can submit as many contributes as you want. The abstract should be as clear as possible, explaining in max 200 words the work you will present at the PhD Day in the form of talk or poster.
Be simple, direct and understandable for students working in different research fields. Do not insert coauthors or your boss name in the abstract. The aim of the Phd-Day is to show the leading role of the PhD student, no matters who your boss is! Of course you can specify their names in your poster or talk.

The abstract rules are simple!

NOTE: If you try to put this kind of stuff in the registration form, they will not be included in your abstract anyway, and (bad for you) the submission will fail!

Just before the confirmation of the submission, you can download a preview of your abstract. Please control everything is all right, then click on the confirmation button and you are in! As a confirm for your submission, a mail will be sent to your e-mail address, including some useful information and a copy of your abstract. If you don't receive this e-mail, something has gone wrong and your registration is not valid . Wait 5 minutes, read again the rules and restart a new submission ;-)

Of course, using Internet Explorer may give you some problems…

If you are in trouble or you mess with the submission, contact Samuele...

Link to the registration form

Deadline for submission is April the 14th 2013