PhD day 4 - year 2013

What is the PhD-day?

The PhD – Day is the event where all PhD students of the Science School from the University of Florence are invited to attend and present their research work. The goal is to bring together PhD students that work in different research fields, from biology to theoretical physics, and allowing them to share their work and find unexpected common interests. Participants will have the opportunity to present their research work and to discuss their findings with colleagues from all departments and research institutes of the School of Sciences.

All PhD students are invited to present their work as a talk, a poster or both. This event gives the opportunity to meet, discuss, make new friends, share ideas and, perhaps, to create new scientific collaborations.

Undergraduate students are also invited to follow this event. For all students who need to choose their thesis,this will be an excellent opportunity to find out what research groups are and what they actually do! Furthermore, the PhD day is an opportunity to learn about topics not usually covered during the course of studies.

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