PhD day 4 - year 2013

Guidelines for Authors

Posters guidelines

Posters can be presented in Italian or English.

Posters will remain exposed throughout the day in the hallways near the lecture hall. A number will be assigned to each poster, corresponding to a position on the display rack.
During the event, the poster session will be the only time dedicated for the poster presentation. PhD students are encouraged to stay close to their poster and to present their work to visitors and to answer their questions.

Technical Information:

Oral presentation guidelines

Oral presentations can be in English or Italian. You choose.

Feel free to submit whatever you want, inherent to your research. You can present your main findings or just a specific aspect of your work.
Prepare a talk of max 10 minutes, appropriate for the audience present at the event: the audience will be competent in science but not necessarily in your field. So make sure that the talk is as understandable as possible for everyone, interesting and not too technical!

Technical Information: